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Whitley Auto Service

Brake Repair and Transmission Shop in Dalton, Georgia

Are you living in the Dalton area and looking for an incredible team of experts to provide you with the best automotive repairs? Whether you find yourself in need of auto A/C repairs, brake replacements or an engine rebuild, we are the team to beat. With over 27 years of experience in business, we are guaranteed to equip you with the most satisfactory results. Each of our mechanics as highly qualified, they are also certified and insured as well.

With our experience in business, we have provided our customers with the most dependable and affordable solutions to their automotive repair needs. We use the highest quality equipment and tools to ensure that you are receiving the most incredible results. Rest assured when you choose Whitley Auto Service for your radiator repairs, vehicle diagnostics or strut replacements services; you will never be disappointed. Speak with us today at (706) 229-7093 to learn more about our incredible services, and schedule your appointment today.

Automotive Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair and Replacement

Have you found that your transmission is beginning to age and in need of repair? We offer transmission repair services for those in search of an honest and dependable company. As leading providers in the industry, we provide residents with the best transmission rebuilds available. We can disassemble your transmission, discard soft parts, remove debris, and reassemble your transmission in no time.

Automotive Maintenance

Transmission Flush

With our highly rated equipment, we can flush your transmission systems with ease. Once we remove the hoses connected to your radiator and the transmission pan, we then pump out your transmission with the vehicle running and out system connected. Simultaneously, our system will pump new fluid into the cooling line. This process will remove 99% of the old fluid, including the torque converter.

Professional Engine Replacement

Engines Rebuilds

Many of our clients choose our expert team of local mechanics because we offer dependable engine repairs. With engine rebuilds, you can save a lot of money by bypassing the purchase of a new engine. Our engine rebuild services include replacements for gaskets, piston rings, lifters, camshafts, oil pumps and much more.

Vehicle General Service

General Auto Repair

Our general automotive repair services have provided residents with years of incredible results. When you are in need of an honest and affordable expert, we are guaranteed to provide you with the best results. Whether you need a brake inspection, radiator repairs or electrical diagnostics, we are the team for you.

Vehicle Electrical Mechanic


With our electrical diagnostic services, we perform both major and minor repairs. With our incredible equipment, we have provided residents with the best electrical system repairs, to meet your specific needs. Nowadays, vehicles are becoming more electronically advanced; with our knowledge and skill, we can assist car owners with the most incredible results.

Radiator Parts and Replacement


Our team of experts is proud to offer residents with the best radiator services available. If you find that your car, truck or SUV is in need of radiator repairs, our team of experts can provide you with the best results. Because newer radiators are made of plastic, we perform full radiator replacements because they can not be repaired. However, do perform radiator repairs on older vehicles.

Custom Exhaust Repair

Muffler Repair

Have you found that your muffler has been producing unpleasant noises or smells? We offer muffler repairs to replace cylinder heads and exhaust manifolds. Our local mechanics can also provide you with repairs on catalytic converters as well.   

Vehicle A/C Recharging

Auto A/C

Are you receiving an insufficient amount of air from your vehicle's A/C? We offer auto air conditioning repairs to help you receive the cold air that you deserve. Whether it be a leaking compressor, low freon or leaking hoses we have the equipment to exceed your expectations. Choose our team of experts to provide you with auto A/C repairs, and recharge your system as soon as possible.

Auto Tire Replacement


Our local automotive repair shop offers residents with the best options in car tires. We have the ability to order all styles, brands and sizes to meet your specific needs. Our experts offer the most incredible results for all tire needs. With our experience, we are proud to offer both hand and machine mounted tire installations to meet your vehicle's needs.

Vehicle Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belt Services

Your timing belt is essential in keeping the crankshaft in sync with the camshaft, which ensures the proper timing of your engine operation. We guarantee to install the piston and valve are in synchronization. Rest assured when you choose our local mechanics as your leading provider of timing belt repairs; you will never be disappointed.

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